Founder and Executive Director, Kerri Steele, has walked this same journey you are on. Kerri’s husband, Will, was diagnosed with terminal cancer in February of 2010. At the time of his diagnosis, their three children were ages 2, 4, and 6.

Their children had hard questions, and they lacked the ability to communicate what they were feeling. Kerri’s family sought out private counseling for their kids because there were no resources around to support her children who were watching their father die.

Behavior issues, sleep disturbances, (not so) random emotional outbursts, chronic stomach aches, and frequent headaches were just a few of the things their children struggled with. Kerri needed help addressing the issues that came with the frequent traveling, medical appointments, hospitalizations and surgeries for her husband.

After the death of her husband in 2012, Kerri was praying for direction on what to do next. The Lord gave Kerri a vision to help other families when there is a cancer diagnosis and children in the home. Kerri hopes that through Little Hearts of Hope, children will learn to put their hope in the Lord even during life’s most difficult trials and that families would grow closer and stronger.